Mentrix and Emile Barret take us on a psychedelic trip through Iran

A 30-minute, psychedelic odyssey featuring places with spiritual ties to Mentrix’s debut album, My Enemy, My Love.

Iranian composer and multi-instrumentalist Samar Rad, aka Mentrix and transdisciplinary artist Emile Barret take us on a brain-melting exploration of Iranian culture with ‘MENTRIX MIND EXPANDING MAZE’, a new collaborative audiovisual work.

“Emile joined me on a trip to Iran where we travelled to places with links to the record, capturing images to tell this story”, explains Rad of the short film’s conception. “The Tower of Silence in Yazd, Zourkhaneh-e-Jahan-Pahlavan-Takhti (House of Strength, Yazd), the abandoned ancient village of Kharanagh, Behesht-e-Zahra cemetery in Tehran, Ebrat prison-museum (Tehran) and artifacts from the Iran’s National Museum are shown in these visuals designed by Emile, to celebrate memories and past lives.”

These arresting images were intended for upcoming live performances from Mentrix that have sadly been cancelled, though she intends to resume touring next year. It features music taken from her debut album, My Enemy, My Love, and follows incredible videos for singles ‘Walk’ and ‘Nature’. You can check out the tracklist for ‘MENTRIX MIND EXPANDING MAZE’ below.

Emile Barret is a photographer, contemporary artist, filmmaker and a musician – you can check out his musical project, (Music For) Eggplant, here. He has collaborated extensively with Aïsha Devi.


01. ‘Intro (from live show at Kantine am Berghain)’       ‘گلهای خندان’
02. ‘Nature’                                                                               ‘طبیعت’
03. ‘Loyalty’                                                                            ‘وفاداری’
04. ‘Dreams’                                                                               ‘رویا’
05. ‘Igneous Sun’                                                               ‘ خورشید آذرین’
06. ‘Longing’                                                                       ‘آرزومندی’

My Enemy, My Love is out tomorrow, April 3, Mentrix’s own imprint House Of Strength, and is available to pre-order now.

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