Mount Westmore Announces Their Next Album, Which Will Not Be An NFT This Time

A lot of West Coast rap fans were probably disappointed to learn that the California supergroup Mount Westmore’s debut album was only available as an NFT on a frankly suspicious-looking platform (there are ways to get it if you really want it, though). The group, which consisted of rap elderstatesmen E-40, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Too Short, had released a handful of singles including “Big Subwoofer” and “Bad MF’s” teasing a truly momentous collaboration.

Thankfully, they’ve apparently decided that it won’t be a one-off and even better, their next album is not only coming soon but it’s also a more traditional release that everybody will be able to stream or purchase. It’s called Snoop, Cube, 40, Short and is dropping on December 9. Today, they released the first single, “Too Big,” featuring Bay Area rapper and producer P-Lo. The video features concert and studio footage of all four rappers, as well as some behind-the-scenes glimpses at their various endeavors outside of rap as they perform their verses in various locations including the parking lot of Snoop’s compound in LA and E-40’s winery. It’s a boastful, upbeat anthem that highlights all four stars’ legendary status in hip-hop.

You can watch the “Too Big” video above.