Murda was the case in point

“Don’t come round me talking all this Crew shit
You was strapped, saw the kid who shot me and ain’t do shit
If that was me on the othеr hand
Woulda shot him and the n*gga he was with, I’m just keeping it a hunnid, fam
So miss me with all the phony shit
Woulda did a bid for you, thinkin’ we was on somе real homie shit
That woulda been time away from my kids, n*gga
Woulda been sick thinkin’ bout all the sucka shit you did, n*gga
But it is what it is, n*gga”

Uncle Murda – Bro Shit
(From Don’t Come Outside, Vol. 3 mixtape; 2021)

Me & Uncle Murda go back like Lil’ Baby & Young Thug songs not named Pacifier, but my old chum ain’t made shit dope since Cam’Ron Voice. Fortunately, friendship is a song topic which has brought the best out of everyone from Whodini to Dag Nasty and here it proves to be the ideal framework for Murda’s foulness to flourish into a Bro Betrayal Ballad™. Listen closer tho because in every slice of Uncle Murda’s ig’nance there’s always a kernel of truth.

Last week it was Nino Man, this week it’s Uncle Murda. Check back next week to see if I’ve found a Dave East song I like (probably not unless he miraculously drops some undeniable shit.)