My Mind Spray 4.5

Random old song that’s been my jam lately: Style by Craig Mack. Combining the Spoonin’ Rap bass with the South Bronx horn-stab was such a good idea that I can’t believe nobody’d done it before the song’s producer Mark “Prince Markie Dee” Morales hooked it up for Mack. R.I.P to the pair of them.

I’m immune to ironic hypebeast Rap songs which people performatively Stan for on social media, so obviously I hate that new Lil’ Yachty song. TBF tho I hate every Lil’ Yachty song because I can’t stand his ol’ Soundcloud Talib Kweli soundin’ ass voice.

As much as I love Mouse & Level’s I Bet U Won’t, for true #Mouse&LevelHive members Get It Back will always be their best song together.

I read Pitchfork’s 30 best House songs of the 90s list because Philip Sherburne is someone who genuinely knows his onions about dance music. Or, at least, he usually does because he said Masters At Work’s The Ha Dance was the House song which blew up that Trading Places sample in 1991 when it was #actually Seduction’s Seduction in 1988.

Ain’t gonna lie, I was almost as pleased to find the CDQ MP3 of Y@k Ballz’s TCK as I was to find the CDQ MP3 of Jacka’s Heavy Rain. Apparently Y@k recorded TCK for his debut EP on Fondle ‘Em Records but Bobbito wouldn’t let him include it because the song contained a rogue N-bomb – a fair decision when the rapper who dropped it looks like a Persian lesbian dressed as a 90s U.K Hip-Hop fan..

Real Lies are probably best experienced live on MDMA, but I caught them live while on mushrooms last night and still Felt Like I Was Part Of Something™ – just without the dreaded next day MDMA comedown. It’s very much a Boss Trick night when you can even find magic in the parlance of the venue’s pissy bogs.