My Mind Spray 5

A Love That’s True Part 1 and Sittin’ In My Car are my two favourite post-The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick songs by MC Ricky D precisely because they sound like they could be songs from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick.

World Reknown was the best song Slick Rick and Pete Rock recorded together during the sessions for Rick’s Behind Bars album so of course that was the song which ended up getting shelved. Flippin’ typical innit?

I hate to call Glorilla a One Song Wonder™ BUT everything she’s dropped since FNF (Let’s Go) has been so dour, so matter-of-fact and so completely lacking the zest which makes FNF (Let’s Go) such a choon.

Or maybe Glorilla is the latest victim of Rap’s cosmetic dentistry curse, wherein a rapper gets their teeth fixed and their music almost magically takes a dip in quality thereafter. Previous victims include Nas, King Louie, Gucci Mane, and Young Thug.

It’s about time that Freeway & Peedi Crakk’s Flipside is recognised and realised as one of the best singles of the Roc-A-Fella era. That song is a message in a bottle from State Property’s peak, and pure electricity in a bottle which can make a corpse get up offa that thing and get on the good foot.