NBA Fans Had So Many Band Jokes About Austin Reaves’ Postgame Look


The Los Angeles Lakers, as a team, had an awful shooting night in Game 2 against the Nuggets, as their inability to knock down shots from deep played a big role in allowing Denver to come back and take a 2-0 series lead on Thursday night.

As a team, the Lakers were 8-of-30 from three-point range, but were only that successful from long range thanks to Austin Reaves. The second-year guard has been L.A.’s most reliable three-point shooter in these playoffs and continued that with a 5-of-9 shooting night in Denver, making him the only Laker with more than one make on the night. Reaves finished the night with 22 points, tied with LeBron James for the team-high in scoring — Jamal Murray, on the other side, scored 22 in the fourth quarter to lead Denver to the win.

Given he was tied for the team lead in scoring on the night, Reaves was asked to go to the podium after the game to talk about the loss and what happened. Reaves did so after snagging a quick shower, but hadn’t gotten his hair fully dried which meant he rolled up to take questions looking, well, like this.

Reaves looking like he was from a mid-2000s rock band gave NBA Twitter enough fodder to have some fun late into the night.

There were also some who went a different route from the many band references to note he looked like Todd from Wedding Crashers.