NBA Ref Scott Foster Made A Jack Harlow Music Video After Saying He Didn’t Know Who He Was

Rapper Jack Harlow’s appearance at Game 1 between the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks was one of the game’s oddest subplots. Harlow was courtside for the game and the game’s referees apparently had no idea who he was. (Which, considering the two referees heard saying they don’t know who he is are two older white guys, fair.) And then Jack Harlow had his own fun with them not recognizing him.

One of the referees, Scott Foster, then attempted to have his own fun with it, resulting in…this.

To someone’s credit, there was some effort put into the video. It’s somewhat a homage of sorts to a scene Harlow’s video for ‘Nail Tech’ with Foster playing the row of Harlow and the song playing over the scene.

And then it gets a little bit weird. It cuts to Foster in the car with three other referees, where Foster attempts to lip sync part of ‘Nail Tech’. Attempt is the key word here because he’s a bit off trying to rap just a few lines of the song and notably fumbles his way through the line “she down low three-point stance/I’m back there doing Jack dance.’ Which, again, makes sense as Foster is an older guy who almost certainly never had heard ‘Nail Tech’ before deciding to be a part of this social media stunt.

Really, this whole video is the Steve Buscemi ‘How do you do, fellow kinds?’ meme come to life. Credit to Foster for trying to have fun with it, but boy this feels forced. May I suggest, if Foster wants another crack at this, recreating the made jump shot scene from the song ‘Tyler Herro’ with Tyler Herro next time he’s assigned to a Miami Heat game? That feels more his speed.