NBA YoungBoy’s Gun Trial Defense Points Out Lack Of Fingerprints On The Weapon

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is currently on trial for felony gun possession in Los Angeles after an FNX-45 handgun was found in his vehicle in March last year. According to Rolling Stone, his defense during yesterday’s session focused its efforts on the lack of evidence tying him to the gun — namely, the lack of usable fingerprints. An FBI Forensic Examiner, Icel Kuznetsova, admitted in her testimony that “no suitable latents” were found on the grip, magazine, or shell, but also noted that it isn’t unusual to not find prints due to a variety of factors.

In fact, she’s noted saying there’s “only about a 10 percent success rate” as a result of things like manufacturers adding “anti-moisture coating” to gun parts to help the weapons function more effectively. YoungBoy’s defense attorney also used some of the other items recovered from the car to suggest that the Baton Rouge rapper may not have been the only person to use the car, which would support his insistence that the gun in question isn’t his and he didn’t know it was in the vehicle, to begin with. The prosecution pointed out that his name is on the vehicle’s lease, and many of his personal items, such as jewelry, IDs, and bank cards, were in the vehicle — suggesting that he was the main or only person using it since you normally wouldn’t leave such important info around just anyone.

The prosecution suffered a blow from the outset of the trial, when the judge, R. Gary Klausner, ruled that YoungBoy’s lyrics showing knowledge of the gun’s brand, FN, couldn’t be used as evidence. Should YoungBoy be convicted, he could spend years in prison. At the conclusion of this trial, he also faces another gun possession trial in Louisiana for another incident in which he and 15 others were arrested after allegedly flashing weapons during a video shoot.