Nelly Furtado Makes Her Long-Awaited Musical Comeback On ‘Eat Your Man’ With Dom Dolla

At long last, Nelly Furtado is back with new music. EDM producer and DJ Dom Dolla recruited her for a new dance track, titled “Eat Your Man.”

On “Eat Your Man,” Dolla delivers an intoxicating, ominous track, as Furtado recalls some of her biggest hits.

“I’ll eat your man, devour him whole / Lickin’ my fingers, I’m in control / Fly like a bird, I’m takin’ it home / Movin’ my body like a nympho / I say it right, now do what I say / Apply the pressure into your veins / Blood on the floor, I’m pushin’ the pain / I let the creatures out of the cage,” raps Furtado.

Furtado and Dolla first met at Australia’s acclaimed Beyond The Valley Festival in 2022. The two realized they had instant chemistry and she sought his insight for new music she’s been working on.

“Meeting Dom has been an absolute blessing,” said Furtado in a statement. “We have a real creative synergy and trust when we work together – we hear music in a similar way and I am super inspired by his live shows. He’s reminded me how much fun music can be and for that I am grateful.”

You can listen to “Eat Your Man” above.