Neon Indian’s Alan Palomo Announced His Debut Solo Album ‘World Of Hassle’ And Unveiled ‘Stay-At-Home DJ’

Neon Indian‘s Alan Palomo is stepping out on his own to release his first solo material under his own name. The Texas-based musician, who’s known for chillwave, has announced his new album World Of Hassle Tuesday, June 6, arriving in September. The lead single “Stay-At-Home DJ” is out now.

“This is the song that started the whole conversation,” Palomo said about the song in a statement. “My brother and I wrote it back in 2019 and performed it on the last Neon Indian tour. It signaled a change in direction I’d been looking for but had yet to really know what to do with. When things slowed down during the pandemic I dusted it off and from its uncontrollable outgrowth came World Of Hassle.”

The press release explains that World Of Hassle begun as a Neon Indian album. “It’s parody,” it reads, “sure—of rock star ego trips, the mall-ification of America, and our own self-obsession, even on the brink of apocalypse—but it’s also dead serious, the sound of history repeating itself as the Doomsday Clock clicks past its Reagan-era maximum and nuclear anxiety comes back into style along with digital synthesizers and sax solos.”

Listen to “Stay-At-Home DJ” above.

World Of Hassle is out 9/15 on Mom+Pop Records. Find more information here.