New Porsche Macan Makes Its Way Into Overwatch 2


Porsche has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment to bring the thrill of high-speed performance to the Overwatch 2 universe. Announced at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, the collaboration includes a range of Porsche-inspired skins, with designs based on the new all-electric Macan, for two beloved characters in the game.

The partnership marks Porsche’s first venture beyond traditional racing titles into the world of esports, choosing Overwatch 2 — a free-to-play game available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This collaboration aims to marry the sleek, cutting-edge design of Porsche with the vibrant, character-driven storytelling of Overwatch 2.

Deniz Keskin, Head of Brand Management and Partnerships at Porsche AG, expressed excitement about engaging with the Overwatch 2 community, stating “Overwatch 2 offers a sophisticated backstory, and players can easily identify with the characters. These were important building blocks for us to create a brand collaboration with Blizzard, and tell a story inspired by the new all-electric Macan.”

One of the first skins revealed is for the character D.Va, a former pro gamer whose Mech suit will feature elements inspired by the Macan Electric, including the vehicle’s iconic four-point daytime running lights. According to Overwatch concept artist Tina Wie, this crossover highlights a shared commitment to aesthetic functionality and futuristic design.

The collaboration will officially hit the game this Spring, offering players a chance to collect unique cosmetics and skins that blend the essence of Porsche with the fantastical world of Overwatch 2. A life-sized Mech statue, mirroring the new D.Va skin, made its debut at SXSW and will continue to captivate audiences at various events throughout the year.

Get a closer look at the Mech statue in the video below.

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