New Prosecutor in YNW Melly Case Part of XXXTentacion Trial

A new team of attorneys have been assembled to prosecute the YNW Melly double-murder retrial and one of them was on the legal team that got XXXTentacion‘s killer’s sentenced.

New Team of Prosecutors Assembled for YNW Melly Retrial

On Tuesday (Oct. 17), the Miami Herald reported Alixandra Buckelew has been added to the trio of prosecutors who will try to get a conviction in the YNW Melly double-murder case after the first one ended in a mistrial in July. Buckelew helped prosecute Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams and Trayvon Newsome for their roles in the XXXTentacion murder. The trio was sentenced to life in prison back in April. Buckelew’s addition comes on the heels of Broward County Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley being removed from the case on Oct. 13.

XXL has reached out to Buckelew for comment.

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Another Tie to the XXXTentacion Case

The YNW Melly double-murder retrial has another common factor with the XXXTentacion case. Robert Allen, the cooperating witness in the XXXTentacion case, has been added as a possible witness in the YNW Melly case. It is unclear what information Allen would have to offer to the Melly case.

YNW Melly is going into his new trial, where he is accused of killing his two friends in 2018, with an additional charge. Earlier this month, he was charged with witness tampering, with police accusing him of conspiring to keep his ex-girlfriend Mariah Hamilton from testifying in the first trial. Jury selection in the YNW Melly retrial is scheduled to begin on Wednesday (Oct. 18).

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