New York goons beat down Mendeecees Harris just hours after his release from prison because he snitched to get out early

Mendeecees Harris has not even been out jail for 12 plus hours and already we are hearing he got beat down pretty badly by some New York goons. Yandy posted a video earlier showing Mendeecees Harris getting out a Bentley truck and throwing away his prison clothes! Mendeecees Harris got arressted and received kingpin charges, but somehow he got out prison with only 4 years served. It has been long rumored that Mendeecees snitched on a lot people to get all that time back. Well the streets seem to have caught up with Mendeecees. Stay tuned for more updates. We hear he was rushed to the hospital for broken ribs and his jaw got wired shut!

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Never going back…@mendeecees??

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