Niall Horan And Harry Styles Might Be Giving Fans A (Partial) One Direction Reunion With A Viral Theory


Niall Horan recently announced that his new album, The Show, is coming out this summer. However, with the reveal, one fan named Emily on TikTok spotted something in the promotional materials that has others on social media talking.

As she points out, Horan’s using the same cloud print that was present in the background of an image tied to Harry Styles a few months ago. While fans initially thought that the birds-eye still of a circus set was for one of Styles’ music videos for Harry’s House, there’s a possibility that it was actually for Horan’s — and a crossover is taking place.

“Had we not gotten those pictures of Harry on the set, I would have thought that the music video was just for Niall the whole time and we got it all wrong,” she said. “There’s so many coincidences because I didn’t think they’d be doing a song together, and I don’t really even know now if they are but, like, what the heck? What’s going on?”

Last May, Styles also was on some sort of circus project, as photos surfaced of him being shot out of a cannon in a yellow outfit. At the very least, it was for something.

Others have pointed out that an old pic of Horan’s shirt apparently appeared behind one of Styles’ door promos last year.

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