Nicki Minaj Is The New Creative Director Of Maxim

Nicki Minaj is busy, but she’s about to get busier as the new creative director of Maxim. The rapper has entered a multi-year, global partnership with MaximBet and will work with them on “merchandise, parties, partnerships, fan experiences and branding all designed to bring together entertainment, sports, celebrity and betting,” as per the website’s statement.

It also adds: “Minaj, who categorically disrupted the male-dominated industry of rap music, is doing the same with sports betting by bringing her style and ethos to MaximBet to illustrate the lifestyle components of the brand while vastly broadening its audience, including inviting more women into the fold.”

Minaj has many opinions that she’s often open about; she recently took to Twitter to discuss her thoughts on menswear. She had lots of advice that entertained her fans. If men wanted to be more attractive, she encouraged them to “wear gray sweatpants. Everyday. Well if they want some ass that day. With crispy sneakers.” However, there’s a downside, as well. The rapper warned, “If I see one scuff ima put my p*ssy back in the drawer.” She also mentioned light blue jeans, although it’s unclear which category those fall into: “Getting ass” or “back in the drawer.”