Nicki Minaj Returns To The Met Gala, Where She Threatens To ‘Slap The Sh*t’ Out Of A Reporter

After skipping last year’s Met Gala due to its COVID-19 vaccine protocols, Nicki Minaj made her return to the charity event last night. According to Mediaite, the “We Go Up” rapper wore an all-black gown designed by Burberry chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci with a leather baseball cap. However, despite the triumph of her return, it wasn’t without drama, as Nicki encountered and confronted a reporter who had apparently leaked what was supposed to have been a surprise for her fans.

Stopping halfway up the steps to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Nicki pointed out the offending journalist, saying, “Hey, you. Are you the man that leaked that I was gonna be here?” After confirming that he was the culprit, she growled, “About to come up to you and slap the sh*t out of you. Come here.” While she (apparently) didn’t follow through, the message came through loud and clear.

Nicki doesn’t play around with her planned surprises. When Coi Leray’s dad Benzino leaked that Nicki would appear on the younger rapper’s new single “Blick Blick,” she nearly pulled the plug on the whole collaboration, only relenting later. Given her playful rapport with her loyal fans, the Barbz, she doesn’t seem to want to deprive them of the full experience — surprises and all (she must hate Marvel spoilers!).

As for why she missed last year’s Met Gala, it’s probably better not to rehash that potentially embarrassing chapter. You never know, I might run into Nicki and be the next writer she threatens to beat up.