NidaWayy Kicks Off Her Hip Hop Career With An Impressive Debut EP

Emerging Tennessee artist, NidaWayy, is making a splash in the Hip Hop scene with her debut self-titled EP. This raw and authentic three-track project showcases her unique style and musical vision, capturing the attention of listeners craving something new and fresh in the genre. 

Featuring “Time Run Out,” “Dead Roses,” and “NidaWayy,” each track on the record tells a story and delivers a message that resonates with the artist’s personal experiences and emotions. The accompanying video for “Time Run Out,” directed by Elektrohorse and produced by Euphoric Sounds, offers a glimpse into NidaWayys life and passions, as she immerses herself in the music alongside her cousins and friends. 

NidaWayy’s sound is a reflection of her dedication and passion for music, drawing inspiration from legendary rappers such as Boosie Badazz, Lil Wayne, and Kevin Gates. Her distinctive style captures her personality and individuality, setting her apart from the crowd and establishing her as a promising new talent in the industry. 

With her debut EP, NidaWayy bares her soul to her fans, sharing her innermost thoughts and emotions through her music. Listeners connect with her genuine authenticity, creating a deep and meaningful connection that sets her apart from the mainstream. 

As she looks to the future, NidaWayy is eager to continue her journey and cement her place in the Hip Hop world. With her passion and dedication, she is set to make a lasting impact on the industry.

Watch the official music video for “Time Run Out” here:

Listen to the full EP below: