Nissan Unveils 2025 GT-R Model: Potentially the Last of the R35 Generation


Nissan has officially launched the 2025 GT-R models in Japan, with sales set to kick off in June. This latest iteration of the GT-R R35 series, celebrated for its exceptional performance and engineering since its debut in 2007, stands to further elevate the driving experience for enthusiasts.

The 2025 lineup includes the GT-R Premium Edition T-spec and the GT-R Track Edition engineered by NISMO. Both models boast advanced performance enhancements previously exclusive to the GT-R NISMO Special Edition. Enhancements include high-precision weight-balanced piston rings, connecting rods and crankshafts. These improvements promise quicker engine revs and more rapid turbo spooling, pushing the boundaries of the GT-R’s already formidable capabilities.

A distinctive feature of the new models is the GT-R-exclusive aluminum takumi certification name plates, accompanied by gold-colored model number plates located in the engine compartment, signifying the meticulous craftsmanship and uniqueness of each vehicle. Additionally, the Premium Edition introduces an exclusive new interior color, Blue Heaven, offering a luxurious aesthetic appeal.

The 2025 GT-R range offers several models, including the GT-R Pure Edition, GT-R Black Edition, GT-R Premium Edition and various T-spec and NISMO-engineered versions. Prices for the Japan-market versions start at 14,443,000 yen or roughly $95,000 USD for the GT-R Pure Edition and escalate to 30,613,000 yen or $200,000 USD for the top-of-the-line GT-R NISMO Special Edition.

This launch marks a significant milestone for Nissan, reinforcing its commitment to delivering ultimate driving pleasure through continuous innovation and engineering excellence. More notably, although not yet officially confirmed, it’s thought that this could be the last example of the R35 generation.

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