Of Course Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Floating A Conspiracy Theory About The US Being Behind The Russian Coup Attempt


For the last six months Marjorie Taylor Greene has tried to rebrand as the most sensible of Congress’ chaotic MAGA gang. She helped Kevin McCarthy (barely) clinch the Speaker of the House job. She’s turned on her old bestie Lauren Boebert. But old habits die hard. She’s also trying to get Joe Biden flimsily impeached. And after the attempted coup in Russia was called off, she had a wacko conspiracy theory at the ready.

“After our government has been funding a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine for over a year, I sure hope our government isn’t behind a coup attempt currently happening in Russia,” Greene tweeted on Saturday. “Regime change in a nuclear armed country may lead to terrible consequences the American people don’t want.”

Greene’s sentiment echoes claims made by Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, who floated a similar idea, citing (weirdly!) the false intel embraced and disseminated by the Bush II administration to justify the invasion of Iraq 20 years ago.

On Friday, Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the brutal Russian mercenary group Wagner (and also a chef), called for an armed rebellion over the year-and-a-half-long invasion of Ukraine. He and his men (which he claims amounts to 25,000 soldiers) claimed to take over the city of Rostov-on-Don, with the plans to head for Moscow. When they were mere hours from the capital, Prigozhin called off the coup, claiming he didn’t want there to be any further Russian bloodshed.

News of a near coup from righteously aggrieved Russian forces led many to drag Vladimir Putin’s American supporters, including Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and, yes, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

(Via Raw Story)