Pagani Unveils Huayra R Simulator: Blending Art and Virtual Racing


Pagani has taken the wraps off its latest project, the Huayra R simulator, in a move that blends the thrill of high-speed racing with the automaker’s Italian craftsmanship. Developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, this state-of-the-art virtual driving system is initially available exclusively to Huayra R owners but will eventually make its way to the broader public via the international Pagani dealer network.

The Huayra R simulator emerges from the synergy between Pagani’s expertise in hypercar design and Racing Unleashed’s prowess in simulator technology. “Our goal was to transcend the traditional boundaries of virtual driving, offering an unparalleled level of realism and immersion. This simulator is not just about the experience but also serves as a piece of art, reflecting the unique essence of Pagani’s design philosophy,” said Franco Morsino, Vehicle Dynamics Lead at Pagani.

Designed to serve as an integral part of the training for the Arte in Pista program, the simulator allows drivers to familiarize themselves with their vehicles and circuits worldwide in a safe environment. This preparation is vital for the non-competitive yet adrenaline-filled events held on prestigious FIA tracks, where Pagani owners can explore the limits of their vehicles under the guidance of professional coaches and technical support staff.

Crafted with the same carbon fiber used in Pagani hypercars and incorporating the actual controls of the Huayra R, the simulator is as much a design object as it is a training tool. Its development focused on replicating the car’s dynamics, aerodynamics and even its iconic sound, thanks to a sophisticated audio system and VR headphones that bring the roar of the Pagani V12-R engine to life.

With its blend of cutting-edge technology, artistic design and a focus on enhancing the driving experience, the Huayra R simulator sets a new standard for automotive enthusiasts seeking the ultimate in virtual racing.

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