Pierre Rousseau pairs "photographs with a pulse" with debut solo project

Filmmaker Joseph Bird captured the snapshots while walking around with Rosseau in Paris and Versailles.

Pierre Rousseau debuted on Beats In Space Records in 2011 as one half of French pop house duo Paradis. Now he returns to the label with his debut solo project, Musique Sans Paroles.

Drawing influence from Erik Satie and Maurice Ravel, the project’s six tracks “retain the elegance of minimalism, with the ambition of maximalism”, and were made using the artists first-ever synthesizer, the Roland Juno 106.

Rousseau has teamed up with friend and filmmaker Joseph Bird to provide some visual context to his music-making process, which took place in Paris over the course of six weeks. Walking around Paris and Versailles for two days, the pair captured a series of six “photographs with a pulse” of places that are significant to Rousseau, accompanying each track of the release as a kind of “musical diary”.

“Pierre being a close friend anyway, it made the process feel like any other day walking around, except we would stop and sort of take a picture whenever Pierre felt excited by what he was seeing”, explains Bird. “I suppose that’s why we call them photographs with a pulse, as we shot with the discipline of still photography.”

Musique Sans Paroles is out now, on Beats In Space Records.

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