Playboi Carti Fell Off The Stage At Wireless Festival But Totally Stuck The Landing

Playboi Carti was performing at Wireless Festival this past weekend at London’s Crystal Palace Park. Check that, Playboi Carti was completely wrapped up in the moment during his performance at Wireless Fest on Sunday. So much so that when he was wildin’ out to his hit, “Sky,” he fell off the stage. And in what had the potential to be a disastrous situation, Carti averted any crisis by totally sticking the landing.

Wireless Festival is one of — if not the — premier hip-hop festivals in the UK. It’s where line-up chasers come to bask in the glory of it all. Carti (who says his next album will be called Music) wasn’t even the headliner this past weekend, with ASAP Rocky, J. Cole, and Tyler The Creator staking a claim to the top of the bill. But that didn’t stop Playboi Carti from delivering the goods.

As he’s singing the chorus to “Sky,” he starts backpedaling towards the front of the catwalk while singing the chorus. But as he keeps hopping backwards, he fails to notice that he ran out of room and he hit the deck.

Miraculously, Carti took the spill seemingly unfazed and while he fell to the ground, he somehow managed to stay on his feet and pop back up to dap up the crowd with a huge smile on his face.

What can’t he do? Meanwhile, some clever internet person replayed the video in reverse. So instead of falling off, Carti is hopping back on. But it looks more like he’s levitating onto the stage, like some possessed warlock.