PM Lowe Rebuilds Confidence With Latest Album Vengeance

Up-and-coming Hip Hop artist PM Lowe recently shared the follow-up album to his Thank You & You’re Welcome 2, called Vengeance. The 14-track record comes after the release of the single “Back At It” and includes the songs “All On Me,” “The Score,” “Mother’s Day,” “Diamond Dogs,” “Fish Tail,” “Rotational,” “Twisted,” “Common Ground,” and “Fall From Grace.”

On this new record, the American rapper collaborates with Greg Kyng, Valdrin Lamont, TreGotti, Mika Ceylon, and Dezzy Yates. Forming a powerful team, they put out a tracklist that is a collection of Lowe’s own experiences with the industry professionals, the challenges he had to overcome to rebuild his confidence, and regaining trust in his potential and talent.

PM Lowe explains that after Thank You & You’re Welcome 2, “I had a good thing going, I was getting more looks on my music, just signed up to a multimedia and sports agency and I guess in an indie setting, with the scale and budget I had at that time, it was starting to all make sense, like a door was finally being opened. Then, I couldn’t really pinpoint it, but I started to lose my confidence. Maybe I can attribute it to me thinking this is all a fluke.”

He continues, “Once you’ve been denied to the party so many times, once you finally get to the doors, it’s almost like it’s a prank in a way. So, I just went back to where I grew up, just walked around the area and it all came back to me. I look for the messages and lessons in every event that happens in my life and to tie it with the next topic, these songs, this album, what it means to me is that no matter what, you got this.” 

Following Vengeance, PM Lowe has a different approach and mindset. He believes that “nobody can take what’s yours. Every day is a new opportunity to make an impression. This is your moment so make the best of it, hold on to it and fight.” The rapper has great plans for the future, including one day working with Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Tinashe, Beyoncé, Eminem and Mariah Carey.

Listen to the full album on Spotify: