Polo G’s ‘Bag Talk’ Is Nothing To Play With In His Gritty New Video

Men talk, women talk, and apparently so does Polo G‘s bag. The Chicago rapper returns from a brief musical hiatus with the high-energy single, “Bag Talk.” On the surface, “Bag Talk” may appear to be yet another braggadocious record. However, upon further inspection, the song co-produced by DJ Tony Tone, Smatt Sertified, Southside, and TM88 is a bold reminder of just how far Polo G has come.

This year alone, the rapper has found himself at the mercy of the justice system several times — even beating misdemeanor charges this past April. The TooTurntGang head honcho refuses to let outside forces slow him or his hustle down. Now, with the weight of a potential prison sentence lifted off his shoulder he is back to doing what he loves — releasing bangers.

For fans that were worried about what direction the rapper would take, especially after his attempt to crossover with “Bad Man”, a take on the late Michael Jackson’s hit “Smooth Criminal” — don’t be. Although “Bag Talk” is a departure from Polo G’s drill roots, the essence of hip-hop’s gritty street culture is ever so present. In the official video directed by Caleb Jermale, viewers are given a tour through Polo G’s stomping grounds. If you want more new music from Polo G, you won’t have to wait long as whispers are growing that he has several collaborations dropping in the coming weeks.

Watch the full video above.