Porsche Reveals Story Behind Mad Max-Esque 928 Noise Test Vehicle


In a nod to its storied past, Porsche‘s 928 noise test vehicle now sits proudly in the Porsche Museum. Dubbed a “dinosaur” by Harald Mann, a long-time test engineer, this unique vehicle has played a pivotal role in vehicle acoustics for over three decades.

The 928‘s journey began over 30 years ago at Porsche’s Weissach test and development center. Initially, a peculiar sight with its many add-ons, the silver 928 was indispensable in helping Porsche meet noise emission requirements. Its design focused on capturing external noise-relevant parameters during drive-by tests to ensure compliance with legal standards.

Using the 928 model for this testing was a deliberate choice. Its powerful lower engine speed range made it ideal for noise testing, unlike other models like the 924, 944, or air-cooled 911. Over the years, engineers meticulously insulated and modified the vehicle, from encapsulating the engine compartment to adding scoops on the bonnet for additional cooling.

The 928’s rigorous testing routine involved accelerating to 30 mph and passing by microphones over a 20-meter stretch at a minimum of 37 mph. Its impressive performance, including achieving a low noise level of 63 dB (A) with slick tires, set it apart as “probably the quietest 928 in the world.”

Interestingly, the 928 also housed a one-off 5.4L V8 engine from early 90s testing, further cementing its unique status. This powerhouse, combined with its minimalistic interior, underscored the vehicle’s special nature. Today, this legendary Porsche 928 stands as a testament to innovation in vehicle noise reduction and continues to be celebrated at its new home in the Porsche Museum.

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