Post Malone Only Remembers How ‘Strange-Looking’ He Is After A Few Drinks

Post Malone is an “ugly-ass motherf*cker,” according to himself in a 2020 GQ interview. While he’s currently admired by millions of fans, he may still feel some insecurity about his appearance: Malone was a guest on The Tonight Show yesterday and noted during his conversation with Jimmy Fallon that it is only in certain moments that he remembers how “strange-looking” (his words) he is.

While talking about Malone’s upcoming album Twelve Carat Toothache, Fallon asked Malone if he literally has twelve carats of metal and jewelry in his mouth. Malone didn’t have a definitive answer to that question but he did note after Fallon asked if he just stares at his mouth: “I’m such a strange-looking individual. Every time I look in the mirror, I don’t notice anything, but then I’ll have a couple Jägers or we’ll play [a drinking game] and I’ll look in the mirror and I’ll be like, ‘Dude, you’re such a weird guy!’”

Elsewhere during the conversation, Malone noted he has been corresponding with Bob Dylan. Fallon asked if they’ve met and Malone answered, “I have not met Bob Dylan but we have been… hmm, I don’t how much I’m at liberty to discuss. We’ve been chatting.” He added, “He’s always just been a voice in my head. Always just appreciated the music and appreciated the songwriting.

Check out the interview above. Malone, as he tends to do on The Tonight Show, played a drinking game with Fallon, so watch that below.