Post Malone Shared A Teaser Of His Collaboration With Robin Pecknold, ‘A Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol’

Anticipation around Post Malone’s next album is building, especially because the rapper finally confirmed a release date for the project earlier today. 12 Carat Toothache is slated to drop on 6/3, which is a little bit later than Post’s manager initially teased it would, but close enough to be in the general ballpark. Post also took to Instagram Live to let fans hear a bit of what he’s been working on, and true to form he has several collaborations in the works for the project. The most notable for indie fans, however, might be some harmonies from Robin Pecknold that show up on a song called “A Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol.”

Firstly, that’s one of the most relatable song titles I’ve ever encountered in my life, and secondly, Posty and Robin have already expressed a mutual admiration for each other over the years, so while it seems like a slightly strange pairing, it actually makes quite a lot of sense. Don’t forget that Post Malone has a country/folk streak within his own songwriting, and Pecknold, on the other hand, seems to be a pretty straight-ahead poptimist when it comes to melodies — and no matter what you think about Malone’s music, he’s got those done.

Check out the clip here, or clever fans who captured the whole thing on Youtube, above, and sped it up to double time to avoid copyright infringement takedowns. You can work around that work around by playing the Youtube video at half speed. For easier access, check out the shorter clip below.


Twelve Carat Toothache. June 3rd ?

♬ original sound – Post Malone

Post teased some of the song in an earlier post, which includes more of his verse and the harmonies are less clear, but it doesn’t seem like Robin contributes anything aside from the harmonies.