Pusha T Updates Fans On Collaborations With Nas, The Weeknd, And Tyler The Creator

AMA (ask me anything) sessions aren’t just a great way for fans to get to know artists better or for artists to promote their new work, they’re also useful in manifesting interesting collaborations — both for artists and fans who want to see their favorites working together. Pusha T, who just put out his new album, It’s Almost Dry, logged onto Twitter for a curated #AskPusha session via Twitter Music, and among the usual silly questions (Push had a particularly aggressive response to “is a hot dog a sandwich?”), he also gave status updates on collaborations with a number of fan-favorite artists.

After revealing that his Nigo collaboration “Hear Me Clearly” originally featured rap OG Nas, fans naturally wondered whether Pusha would drop a remix. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s in the cards for now. “No we probably will not hear that remix,” he replied before offering some hope. “Maybe another song in the future tho…”

Another rapper fans wanted to know about was Tyler The Creator, with whom Pusha previously worked on the single “Trouble On My Mind.” However, it doesn’t look like that one’s coming anytime soon either, as Pusha wisecracked, “Absolutely I would but this nutcase only asks me to go Miami house hunting with him…”

Push posited his own dream collab when another fan asked if there were any Toronto artists he’d work with — probably trying to bait him into a Drake-related response. While he avoided the low-hanging fruit, he offered a surprisingly sincere reply that wasn’t too many degrees from the 6 God himself: The Weeknd.

And among other questions, Pusha answered how he felt about those fans of his music who wouldn’t appear to be his “target audience.”

All in all, #AskPusha turned out to be insightful and possibly even fruitful if it means Tyler The Creator and Push coming together — or maybe even a cokestravaganza featuring the powder’s two biggest promoters.