Rauw Alejandro And Ivy Queen Are Spending The Summer ‘Celebrando’ On Their New Collab

Rauw Alejandro is turning up the heat. Tonight (July 7), the Puerto Rican hitmaker has dropped his hotly-anticipated fourth studio album, Playa Saturno.

On the album, Alejandro delivers a series of sounds designed to encapsulate the feeling of summer, transporting us to a reggaeton beach party on the mythical Playa Saturno, which translates to “Saturn Beach.” He pays homages to traditional reggaeton music throughout, but one song that sticks out is “Celebrando,” — a collaboration with reggaeton veteran Ivy Queen.

On “Celebrando,” Alejandro delivers a catchy, sing-songy hook and opening verse, over a rattling drum loop.

Ivy then pops in, continuing to deliver scorching bars more than three decades into her career.

In an interview with Billboard, Ivy noted that while she’s still continuing to rise and collaborate with newer Latin music artists, she wants to continue to make music on her own terms, and not follow industry trends. This, after all, is how she truly remains empowered.

“You earn your own money; you earn your own spot, she said. “I try to maintain my essence, of what reggaetón was, and what reggaetón is. I don’t want to be a puppet.”

You can listen to “Celebrando” above.

Playa Saturno is out now via Sony. Find more information here.