‘Rick and Morty: The Anime’ Is Set to Premiere This Year


In Adult Swim‘s latest teaser for Rick and Morty: The Anime, the network not only offers a peek into the anticipated show from another perspective but also confirms that the anime will air in 2024.

Before this, the network shared two teasers for the original anime that’s adapted from Dan Harmon’s hugely popular Rick and Morty animated series. In the first teaser, the audience is given the gist of the show’s premise, where Rick finds himself confronted by multiple doppelgangers of himself while flying in space. In the second teaser video, the scientist hints at the direction of the story to a young Morty.

With the latest promotional teaser, the video opens up on a foreign planet where a flying alien spacecraft is struck down by a missile. It appears that the spaceship has been wreaking havoc on the planet, as the moment it hits the ground,  the planet’s inhabitants rush out with hopeful relief. The camera then pans to Morty, who’s dressed in some form of sci-fi gear, where he’s hailed as the hero of the planet by the locals.

The video then cuts to a thriving metropolis celebrating its independence. Morty’s face can be spotted everywhere, from banners, holograms to a hanging rear view charm in someone’s vehicle. This is the instance where a radio announcement can be heard, saying “Space Morty, otherwise known as Morty Smith, is to be recognized as an honorary citizen at the independence ceremony…”

Watch the latest Rick and Morty: The Anime teaser above. The show is set to premiere sometime this year on Adult Swim and Max.

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