Rick Ross Believes That You ‘F*cked Up’ If You Think ‘Begging Is Going To Get You Something’

Rick Ross is quite the entertaining man to follow on social media, especially on Instagram. He often uses to platform to show his laid-back side and share what he hopes are motivating words with his fans. An example of the former came earlier this year when he decided that $10,000 was too much to pay to have ten oak trees cut down, so instead, he put on a cowboy hat and got to work. As for the latter, an example of that came more recently and it’s caused a bit of controversy among his followers. In a video he shared on his Instagram Story, Rick Ross said that begging for something in life is not worth it and he explained why.

“I already know how it go. That’s why I go hard, because I know how it go,” Ross says in the video. “You could be in a room full of the wealthiest mutherf*ckas in the world and tell them, ‘I have nothing, I’m hungry.’ And they’re going to look at you and say, ‘Well what the f*ck are you doing standing next to me begging? Why the f*ck aren’t you working?’”

Ross continued, “‘What the f*ck have you established? What have you done with yourself since the f*cking beginning of time? Where’s your brother, where’s your mother, where’s your father, where’s your f*ckin’ kinfolk? You don’t have any friends? You don’t have anything to establish yourself or worth something in anyone’s life?’ That’s what they’re going to tell you. So, if you think begging is going to get you something, you f*cked up.”

It appears that Ross is alluding to the harsh realities of life, at least in the way that he sees it, but some noted that it doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be this way.

You can watch Rick Ross’ video, reposted by DJ Akademiks, above.