Rick Ross Explains The Viral Moment When He Walked Out Of An Interview

A few months ago, Rick Ross was the subject of a viral moment when a video of him excusing himself to the bathroom in the middle of a podcast interview and never returning caught fire on Twitter. In December of 2021, Ross appeared on the 85 South Show to talk about his new album, Richer Than I Ever Been. During the interview, he told the hosts, “Let me use the restroom one time and I’m a take this jacket off.” However, it soon became apparent that the rapper has no intention of returning, having left the building and headed to the airport.

The incident tickled many fans on Twitter, who were amused by Ross’ apparent snub of the show. Today, during a new interview with New York radio show The Breakfast Club, Ross attempted to explain why he dipped mid-interview, although his explanation still offered little insight into just what caused him to hustle out of the studio before the show was done.

“I think I was just really in the zone,” he says. “I was smoked out good, I was in the zone. When I’m in the zone and get one of those money calls, I just ease out.” He says he didn’t even realize he’d caused such a commotion. “When I found out about it was already everywhere online,” he admits. “I ain’t even realize it.”

Rick Ross has been a viral Twitter magnet in recent months, amusing fans with his home maintenance and small personal triumphs.