Rick Ross’ Georgia Mansion Was The Endpoint In A Police Chase Of A Suspect With A Gun

Summer is approaching and for many, that means some of us will see more activity outside our homes. This includes an increased presence of cyclists riding by or the neighborhood kids making their return to play in the street. However, for Rick Ross, his home was the endpoint of a police chase.

According to TMZ, on Tuesday, the rapper’s Georgia estate was swarmed with police officers who spent an unknown amount of time pursuing a man who they claimed had a gun on him. The chase began when a call about a man with the weapon was made to Clayton County Sheriff’s office.

After embarking on the chase for the suspect, the pursuit came to an end in front of Ross’ home after the suspect crashed his truck in front of it. The man then tried to flee on foot, but he was apprehended by police officers a short time later. Despite the belief that the individual was armed, a firearm was not found in his possession, and as a result, officers were left to search around Ross’ property in hopes of finding the weapon.

The suspect has yet to be identified and it’s unclear if anyone was hurt before the police chase. It’s also unknown whether or not Ross was at the Georgia estate at the time of the pursuit for the suspect.