Rihanna May Be Rehearsing New Music, At Least According To Charlie Puth, Who Thinks He Overhears Her Next Door

Finally, there’s new Rihanna music in the world: She’s fresh off sharing Black Panther: Wakanda Forever cut “Lift Me Up,” and it looks like she may have more than one song in the movie. Rihanna’s next album has also been perpetually on the way for years now, and Charlie Puth thinks he’s heard some of it.

In a recent interview with Capital (as Yahoo notes), Puth said he reckons Rihanna is rehearsing new tunes in a studio room right next to one he’s working in, and that he’s overheard the fresh tracks. He said, “I swear to God, she is rehearsing next to me. There is always security next door – and I just go in by myself and I thought I saw her.”

Back in April, Rihanna noted that her approach to her next album had shifted, saying, “I’m looking at my next project completely differently from the way I had wanted to put it out before. I think this way suits me better, a lot better. It’s authentic, it’ll be fun for me, and it takes a lot of the pressure off.” She added, “Balance is one of my biggest challenges and always has been. And now there’s another human being coming into play, it changes what that means again. Still, I have businesses that aren’t going to run themselves. My mom handled the three of us with not even close to the amount of resources that I have, so I can absolutely do it. What it looks like? I’m not sure.”