Rod Wave’s Dad Claims Moneybagg Yo Wanted to Shoot Him

Rod Wave‘s dad is claiming Moneybagg Yo wanted to shoot him because he asked for a lighter.

Rod Wave’s Father Calls Out Moneybagg Yo

Earlier this week, Rod Wave‘s father, Rodney “Fatz” Green, hit up social media to air out some grievances regarding an experience he allegedly had with Moneybagg Yo. The “Tombstone” rap-crooner’s pops alleges that Bagg once threatened him with a gun for a very bizarre reason.

Why Did Moneybagg Yo Allegedly Threaten Rod Wave’s Dad With a Gun?

According to Rodney Green, Moneybagg Yo became bafflingly enraged when the proud father simply requested to use a lighter. As a result, Green is under the opinion that the Memphis spitter owes Rod Wave an apology.

Moneybagg, you should’ve been told my son you apologize for being disrespectful to his daddy,” Rod Wave‘s dad says in the video below. “The f**k’s wrong with you? Acting like you want to shoot me, n***a? You all off in your car with your hand on your gun, n***a, like you want to shoot me for asking you for a lighter, n***a? Yeah, that was me.”

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Rod Wave’s Father Is Not Down With Gunplay

At that point in the social media video, Fatz continues his verbal barrage on Moneybagg Yo and his entourage by explaining that he would’ve preferred to handle things without any weapons involved.

“Then, you get in your car when you see I ain’t running, n***a” Rod Wave‘s father adds. “And your fat goons hop out the car like I won’t f**k all them n****s up, man. All you n****s wanna run to your guns. A bunch of b****s. You hear? Line this s**t up one-on-one. F**k all this gunplay. Anybody can do that s**t.”

Moneybagg Yo Has Worked With Rod Wave in the Past

News of the apparent smoke between Rod Wave‘s father and Moneybagg Yo may come as a surprise. Back in the early stages of Rod’s career, he received a major co-sign from Bagg when the two worked together on 2018’s “Feel the Same Way,” a track that has brought in over 32 million views on YouTube.

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XXL has reached out to representatives of both Rod Wave and Moneybagg Yo for official statements on the matter.

See Rod Wave‘s father allege that Moneybagg Yo threatened him with a gun for asking for a lighter in the video below.

Watch Rod Wave’s Dad Claim Moneybagg Yo Wanted to Shoot Him for Asking for a Lighter

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