Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Shared A Patriotic Meme About America…That Forgot To Include Two States


MAGA Republicans have been having trouble with math lately. First Marjorie Taylor Greene fumbled with math while claiming lockdowns eroded students’ brains. Now Lauren Boebert is trying to gin up outrage over foreign spending…while snubbing two of the country’s states.

In a post likely about U.S. support to end the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Colorado representative shared a meme that she thought “best” explained her position. It was a map of the Western hemisphere portion of the planet, showing only the continental United States. No Canada. No Central America. No South America. Also AWOL: Alaska and Hawaii, which happen to be part of the U.S.

“Map showing the only place my taxes should go,” read the meme.

Boebert’s home is only three states away from the Pacific Ocean, so she should be well aware there’s a whole archipelago about 2,000 miles from the mainland. And Alaska isn’t that far northwest of her! Perhaps, much like Herschel Walker, she’s not sure how many states are in the country in which she holds a federal job.

As expected, a notorious elected lawmaker who makes a big hay out of being ra-ra America forgetting about two American states earned quite a lot of social media mockery.

But hey, at least, unlike her bud Matt Gaetz, she didn’t get humiliated by a Pentagon official on live TV. And Greene, Boebert’s staffers don’t childishly cuss out fact checkers when they proved them wrong. Far as we know.