Rudy Giuliani Wildly Claims That 92-Year-Old George Soros Chased Down His Plane In Ukraine On Foot Like A Damn Action Hero


Rudy Giuliani has been known to exaggerate on occasion — like the time he compared being patted on the back by a grocery store employee to being “shot.” Or when, just the other day, he claimed that indicting Donald Trump could be “the kind of thing that ends a civilization.” The former New York City mayor is clearly in a storytelling kind of mood because he spit out what sounds to be another tall tale this week when he recounted the harrowing tale of having his plane chased down by… George Soros?

As Mediaite reports, Soros is a billionaire philanthropist and Holocaust survivor who has long been an enemy of the right because of his extreme generosity to progressives. He also happens to be 92 years old. But that didn’t stop Giuliani from telling a slightly unbelievable story about his now-infamous 2019 trip to Ukraine, where he attempted to gather dirt on the Biden family and anyone else who wasn’t Trump.

In short, Rudy claims that Soros himself made his way onto the tarmac and attempted to chase Giuliani and company’s private plane down to stop it from taking off when they were departing Ukraine. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s how Giuliani explained it:

Soros tried to figure out how we were leaving, to cut off — we got a private plane, he was gonna cut it off. We were originally on a plane the next morning, we knew they were gonna cause trouble at the airport. They were gonna cause trouble with our visa, cause trouble with this, cause trouble with that. So we rented a private plane that night, but we didn’t realize he controls the private airport, and he found out we rented the plane, but he couldn’t get there in time.

When pressed further, however, the story changed a bit — from Soros not being able to get there in time to him actually being in a car that tried to physically intervene with the plane’s takeoff.

“They tried to stop us,” Giuliani said. “They tried to come out on the jetway.”

Rudy — who once described himself as “more of a Jew” than Soros – did not elaborate on why the billionaire would attempt to stop him from leaving Ukraine.

(Via Mediaite)