Russ Takes The World By Storm In His Jet-Setting ‘Yes Sir’ Video

Not that long ago, calling Russ an “international star” would have been a stretch, but these days, the New Jersey rapper is getting as comfortable on private planes as he is in the studio. In his jet-setting new video for “Yes Sir,” Russ makes himself at home abroad as he raps in front of French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe and strolls the streets of foreign cities while making time to take pics with fans of all nationalities before performing in sold-out arenas.

The video is the latest exhibit in Russ’ ongoing case for remaining independent as an artist, which he’s been arguing ever since completing his Columbia Records contract in 2020 (truthfully, even before that). Earlier this month, he even took his message to TMZ Live, calling record labels “obsolete.” Telling his fellow artists “you don’t need them; they’re not doing anything for you that you can’t do for yourself,” he explained why rappers have so much more control over their careers these days.

“Artists in today’s day and age, they’re their own digital marketing,” he said. “I think digital marketing is one of the biggest facades in the music industry. You get with the label and they’re like, ‘Here’s your digital team.’ And it’s like, ‘What do y’all do exactly?’”

Most recently, Russ has popped up on songs with Black Thought and Danger Mouse (“Because” with Joey Badass) and Logic (“Therapy Music“) and launched his own label, so it seems he’s doing something right.

Watch Russ’s “Yes Sir” video above.