Sault Released Five — That’s Right, Five — Surprise Albums Today, Which Are Only Available For Five Days

Some musicians thrive by putting out a bunch of albums in a short period of time. Taylor Swift is a good example after the back-to-back Folklore and Evermore releases alongside the re-recordings, as well as Lana Del Rey within the past few years. But is anyone on Sault’s level? The band ominously released five (!) albums today, and they’re available for download within the next five days before they disappear.

The LPs can be found on their website, where the password to access the music is “godislove.” It comes with a brief statement:

Here are 5 albums released as an offering to God.

Available for free download for 5 days.

The password to unlock all 5 albums is in the message.


Sault is the project of the British producer Inflo, who worked with Adele for some songs on her critically-acclaimed album 30, and it’s a collective known for releasing music in enticingly unconventional ways. In April they dropped a surprise album out of nowhere called Air. That one followed their 2021 record Nine, whose unveiling was similar to the one today. “Nine will only exist for ninety nine days,” they explained at the time. “You can download from Available on vinyl and all streaming platforms.”