Sexyy Red Reacts to Comments About the Color of Her Private Parts

Sexyy Red is reacting to vulgar comments about the color of her private parts in the wake of her sex tape leaking on social media last week.

Sexyy Red Addresses Comments About the Hue of Her Private Parts

Sexyy Red had the internet going nuts over the weekend after her sex tape was leaked on Instagram. It appears some people have taken the chorus to Sexyy Red’s breakout single “Pound Town” quite literally. On Sunday (Oct. 8), the St. Louis rapper went on Instagram to address people making immature comments about the color of her genitalia.

“Why do I see dumb-a** little kids talking ’bout my coochie not pink?” Sexyy Red questioned in the video below. “I’m brown. Why would the outside of my c**chie be pink? Can you make it make sense?”

She continued: “That’s how I know y’all don’t get no a**. Why would the f**k the outside of my c**chie be pink? That’s sick. No, the outside is not pink, dumba**. If you get some c**chie, and you see what the f**k going on, you gon’ see what I’m saying. Common sense.”

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Sexxy Red’s Recent NSFW Moments

Sexyy Red has recently been making the hip-hop headlines for some adult-themed moments. Last month, she shared a photo in bed with a man wearing an ankle monitor that went viral. She recently addressed the abundance of NSFW photos that end up in her comments on X, formerly known as Twitter, in a new interview. Last week, a video of her having sex was uploaded on her Instagram Story.

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See Sexyy Red’s reaction to vulgar comments about the color of her private parts below.

Watch Sexyy Red Call Out People Who Commented on the Color of Her Genitalia

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