Sexyy Red Threatens to Drag Khia’s ‘Ol Bones’ If She Sees Her

Sexyy Red is continuing to go in on Khia, now threatening to drag the Florida rapper’s “ol bones.”

Sexyy Red Keeps Khia Beef Boiling

On Thursday (Nov. 2), Sexyy Red egged on her beef with Khia by dissing the veteran rapper once again. The St. Louis rhymer addressed the situation again on X, formerly known as Twitter, saying she would thrash Khia in 4K.

“Khia will get dem ol bones dragged in real life,” Sexyy Red tweeted. “But she don’t got enough money to b in the same room as me.”

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The Sexyy Red and Khia Beef Explained

The Sexyy Red and Khia beef popped off last week when Khia slammed fans for comparing her to Sexyy Red during a YouTube livestream. She also threw shade at Sexyy and Sukihana in the process.

“These h*es was raised by Trina,” Khia snapped in the video below, referencing her long-held feud with Trina. “I’m ’bout tired of y’all comparing me to these h*es…I said ‘My neck, my back, my p***y and my crack’ and still had my hair tied up like a queen. First day, I ain’t changed a bit.”

“It ain’t eating no n***as a*s and sucking no n***as toes,” she added, seemingly referencing Sukihana and Sexyy Red. “Y’all h*es couldn’t have grown up listening to me. ‘Cause that ain’t how I roll.”

Sexyy Red clapped back by calling Khia a “washed up hag.” Suki threatened to knock out Khia.

On Tuesday (Oct. 31), Khia returned fire in a lengthy rant shared on social media where she dissed Sexyy Red for over two minutes. Sexyy Red responded by calling Khia “jealous and miserable” and comparing Khia’s looks to a Martin Lawrence character from the film Blue Streak .

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