Shinola songs from the shittiest artists (part 3)

Babylon back in business, can I get a witness? Nobody’s favourite series returns for a 3rd installment.

House Of Pain – Shamrocks And Shenanigans
(From House Of Pain album; 1992)

Has a rapper ever suffered a more embarrassing identity crisis than Everlast? My man went from slangin’ pizza pies to drankin’ Guinness pints to singin’ like Wooden Guthrie to Necro & Ill Bill’s Uncle Doughie. Shamrocks And Shenanigans manages to cram every awful Plastic Paddy ‘Murican cliche into a single song, but but I’m always willing to suffer its many sins for the payoff of that chorus over DJ Muggs’ beat. Plus, unlike Jump Around, it hasn’t suffered the indignity of being used as entrance music for one of the most miserable bastards in Darts.

Robbie Williams – Rock DJ
(From some Robbie Williams album; 2000)

Could Stoke’s most irksome boy-band singer do it on a metaphorical cold night at the Britannia Stadium? Yes, but only when his songwriting genius svengali Guy Chambers composed a ladult PJ & Duncan song for the ex Fat Dancer From Take That™. 99% of Robbie Williams songs would be vastly improved if they were sung by anybody other than Williams. To his absolute credit, Rock DJ is the 1% which couldn’t have been sung by anybody other than Williams.

Krept & Konan ft. Jeremih – Freak Of The Week
(From The Long Way Home album; 2015)

How did a Derek C & Derek D like Krept & Konan procure themselves a Jeremih hook and DJ Mustard’s remake of the mighty Playground Riddim? It’s a mystery, Scooby Doo. Tbf, it’s a good job they did because Mustard’s beat might have ended up in Tyga’s clutches and there isn’t a soul on Earth who wanted a reprise of his Coconut Juice fake-Rastamon patois. One the very few instances where British Rap did it better.