Shoulda Been Mo

Coolio – Can-O-Corn
(From It Takes A Thief album; 1994)

The Coolio song which was never a single but really shoulda been. Certainly, it was the song The Source magazine’s review of Coolio’s debut album identified as the jam, and the song I rewound the most after Fantastic Voyage. Obviously the Everlasting Love sample helps, but Coolio brought some vivid lived-in autobiographical pathos from his own time on the pipe.

If KMD’s Black Bastards album had dropped as was intended in 1994 then Sweet Premium Wine surely would have been the follow-up single to What A N*ggy Know? Name me a more anthemic song from Black Bastards which the duo of Zev Luv X & Subroc both rhyme on. I’ll wait.

KMD – Sweet Premium Wine
(From Black Bastards album; 1994/2000)