Sky Ferreira Signed With A New Music Publisher For Her Highly-Anticipated Sophomore Album

Recent teasers led fans to believe that Sky Ferreira was finally going to release the follow-up to her debut album, Night Time, My Time, and she even seemed to share a clip of a new song called “Don’t Forget.” Don’t worry Sky, we haven’t! In the meantime, Sky seems to be making moves behind closed doors, too. According to a report from Variety, she signed with a “global independent music publisher” called Third Side Music.

It’s been about nine years since her first album came out, she’s been slowly but surely releasing new music, like 2019’s “Downhill Lullaby,” and collaborating with artists like Charli XCX on left-field pop tunes. According to Variety Third Side Music’s Creative VP/Director of A&R, Brontë Jane, was the one to sign Sky. So far, the company’s roster also includes artists like Courtney Barnett, Future Islands, and Kurt Vile. Sky is listed on the website as one of the publisher’s clients, and in their “recently additions” section.

“Sky is an unparalleled career artist who has proven to be a true visionary with her craft time and time again,” Jane told Variety. “I’m honored to welcome someone so incredibly singular to the TSM family.” If this means more music is definitely on the way, then it’s good news in my book.