Snoop Dogg’s Personal Blunt Roller Estimated She’s Rolled About Half A Million Joints For The Rapper

Snoop Dogg is one of the most fun musicians of all time, but one of the most delightful bits of Snoop trivia to emerge lately is the fact that he has a personal blunt roller on his payroll. They even got a raise last year! The person currently fulfilling these duties is Renagade PerRana, and now she’s revealed the wild amount of work she’s put in for Snoop.

In a recent interview on Australian radio program The Kyle And Jackie O Show (as The Huffington Post notes), when asked how many joints she’s rolled for Snoop since working for him, she responded, “I calculate it at over 450,000. I do about half a pound a day, which is 75 to 150 joints.”

That lines up with Snoop’s own previous estimation of his consumption: In a 2012 Reddit AMA, Snoop noted he smokes about 81 blunts a day.

In another recent interview, PerRana spoke about how she landed the job, saying, “They told me to come back the next night and I had a roll-off with a sound engineer that works with Snoop that, I guess, Snoop recommended and a Venezuelan cigar roller who rolls big boy stogies at parties. And I smoked them, to say the least, in that competition. So from that day forward, I was the premier blunt roller of the planet.”