Some ‘Succession’ Viewers Chose A New All-Time ‘Favorite Scene’ While Watching The Series Finale


(Succession finale spoilers will obviously be found below.)

Did everyone pre-grieve ahead of the Succession series finale? I think Roman can tell everyone how that tends to go.

Beyond the ultimate question of CEO succession for this “dear world” of a show, people loved watching the maneuverings and various connections between characters during the finale. In particular, people enjoyed watching Tom and Greg go at it, physically speaking, after Greg spilled the beans to the Roy siblings early on in the evening, but even more so, people adored watching the three central siblings actually bond during this episode. (At least while it lasted.)

This went down after Shiv found out that Matsson intended to throw her by the wayside, and she came together with Roman and Kendall in Caroline’s kitchen. They resolved to support Kendall as CEO and then proceeded to make a “meal fit for a king,” which ended up all over Kendall’s head, but people loved seeing these three really show us what they were like during their younger years. No more competition stirred between the trio, at least on a temporary basis, and it hit everyone right in the heartstrings.

In fact, several people quickly stepped up to declare this their “favorite” new scene of the whole show. It’s a fine selection. A “meal fit for a king,” if you will.

‘Succession’ is currently streaming in full on HBO Max.