Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Sued Him While Lodging Sexual Battery And Domestic Violence Allegations Against Him

Soulja Boy is facing some legal troubles. As the rapper enjoys the success of his latest single, “She Make It Clap,” an effort that went No. 1 on TikTok, he was reportedly hit with a lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend. According to TMZ, Soulja Boy was sued for alleged sexual battery and domestic abuse by his former partner, who chose to stay anonymous and be known as Jane Doe in the lawsuit that was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court. She claims to have started dating Soulja Boy back in 2007 before entering a serious relationship with him from 2014 to 2019, but she says that she exited it because she could “no longer stand the abuse.”

The rapper’s ex-girlfriend also accuses him of attacking her in 2015, an incident she says resulted in a miscarriage and the removal of her uterine lining. She also claims (via TMZ) that Soulja Boy “began to physically attack and yell at her” while they were filming their reality TV show, and in 2019, she alleges that he physically removed her and her daughter from their shared home, and when she later refused to enter back into a relationship with him, he allegedly “gripped [Doe’s] neck and choked her while threatening her life.”

This is the rapper’s second lawsuit of the year after he was sued (in January) for alleged sexual battery, sexual assault, and false imprisonment by his former personal assistant, who also filed under Jane Doe.

(Via TMZ)