Soulja Boy’s Net Worth Is Negative, Judge Tells Him Cut Expenses

Soulja Boy‘s net worth is negative, a judge found in the rapper’s legal battle against his ex-girlfriend. The judge suggested that Soulja cut his expenses so he can pay a $472,000 judgment he owes the woman.

A Judge Found That Soulja Boy’s Net Worth Is Negative

According to documents obtained by XXL on Friday (July 28), a judge denied Soulja Boy‘s motion to have a $472,000 judgment thrown out in a civil case because he had very little money in the bank and a $1 million tax lien. In court papers, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge found Soulja’s net worth is negative because he didn’t provide his financial records to the court. However, the judge believes that Draco was in a position to make enough money to satisfy his debt.

The judge suggested to the Atlanta rapper that he cut his living expenses like moving out of his Los Angeles home.

“Someone as close to zero (financially) as defendant [Soulja Boy] claims to be might want to scale down the living arrangements,” the judge wrote. “$25,000 is a lot of monthly rent—even in Los Angeles. There is no reason of which the court is aware that he could not relocate to a more ‘modest’ $10,000/month home. Further, the court is aware of no debts that the defendant owes other than the tax debt and the judgment here.”

The judge further stated: “Defendant [Soulja] must be earning money from somewhere sufficient to pay for the rent and whatever other monthly expenses he has. In other words, defendant is paying $300,000/year in rent alone. It stands to reason that he must have some other living expenses. And that money must come from somewhere. It is not coming from loans, for defendant did not testify as to any other debts.”

“So, although the court does not know from whence the money is coming, it is coming from somewhere. It is not an impossible inference to conclude that his overall financial condition must be sufficient to allow him to live the lifestyle he does without going into debt,” the judge concluded.

According to the documents, Soulja Boy confessed that his assets are limited: he owns three cars (two are worth $250,000 each, and one worth $100,000), has about $18,000 worth of jewelry and $50,000 worth of stock. His lawyer also told the Santa Monica Superior Court that he couldn’t liquidate his assets because they are essential to his career as an entertainer, and selling them would damage his image.

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Soulja Boy Ordered to Pay 472,000 to Assault Victim

As previously reported, Soulja Boy was ordered to pay a $472,000 judgment to his ex-girlfriend Kayla Myers in connection to a February 2019 assault and kidnapping case where the rapper was accused of hitting Myers with a gun.

In court documents obtained by XXL, Soulja, born DeAndre Way, was ordered by a Los Angeles jury on April 21, 2023 to pay Myers $235,900 in damages, including $1,800 for mental health expenses and $234,100 for physical and mental pain and suffering. Myers was also awarded an additional $236,000 in punitive damages, which are intended to punish the defendant for their negligence and/or malice. In total, Myers was awarded nearly $500,000.

XXL has reached out to Soulja Boy‘s attorneys for comment.

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