Sporty Spicez

Sporty Thievz – Dogz
(From The Lost Cinema Pt 1 album; late 90s/2021)

Highlight of that recent album of unreleased Sporty Thievz songs imho. Chauvinism as an artform with a dash of equal opportunity hating from da ladeez. Definitely feel like The Culcha™ was robbed of this song being the follow up single Cheapskate, though they’d have to get their Nutty Professor on to come up with a clean edit. Also a huge pity Hot Pursuit got shelved because that shit really does live up to the Street Cinema title of Sporty’s debut album.

Sporty Thievz – Hot Pursuit
(From The Lost Cinema Pt 1 album; late 90s/2021)

Bonus beats: few other unreleased gems on King Kirk’s Bandcamp for #SportyThievzHive. Any Rap song with the Le Pamplemousse bass break is automatically a 4/5 banger.

Sporty Thievz – Ya Don’t Stop
(From Summer ’98 single; 1998/2018)