Stephen Colbert Roasts Kanye West’s Twitter Ban And Anti-Semitic Comments With A Fake Yeezy Song

Well, at least there’s one good thing about Kanye West getting banned from social media for antisemitism (other than, you know, making him stop being publicly antisemitic). Kanye’s outbursts gave Stephen Colbert an excuse to dust off one of his all-time greatest bits, opening Monday night’s episode of The Late Show with a fake Kanye West song roasting the rapper for his outlandish outlook.

Borrowing the instrumental and general concept of Kanye’s Daft Punk-sampling 2007 hit “Stronger,” the retooled lyrics rip on Kanye’s loathing of books (indirectly connecting his refusal to read to his general susceptibility to extremist conspiracy theories), his support of Donald Trump, and his general ignorance of how basically anything works. Here’s a sample:

“Fresh hell tonight/ I’m about to go full Mel [Gibson] tonight/ Lots of wild stuff gettin’ yelled tonight/ And all these tees about to sell to whites/ Bow in the presence of wackness/ Cuz right here I’m free of fact-checks/ My claims don’t hold water like a cactus.”

Kanye’s recent shenanigans have gotten him lambasted by everyone from Meghan McCain to Bella Hadid, with Jack Antonoff calling him “a little bitch” and even Elon Musk reaching out to express “concerns” (although that one should probably be more “concerning” for those of us who don’t believe in right-wing conspiracies). When even Fox News has to pull an about-face mid-broadcast, you know you’ve stepped in it.

This isn’t Colbert’s first time poking at a rapper’s misinformed rumor-mongering. Last year, he cooked Nicki Minaj for her outlandish (and probably phony) anti-vaccine anecdote concerning a cousin’s swollen balls.